ENDURO Sports USATM - P R E S E N T S   T H E - 2017 “Official Starter” Clinic
MISSION  - - -(continued) An annual clinic for Track & Field starters has been organized to help establish a standardized method for starters/prospective starters for junior high, high school, collegiate, and summer Track & Field meets, and to partner with the secondary schools activity association to have all starters at OSSAA sanctioned Conference, Regional and State track meets attend the annual starters clinic to consider and discuss issues related to starting track meets at those levels of competition in Oklahoma. This clinic is intended to present some suggestions for providing a consistent approach to handling duties at the starting line for all starters, whether they have years of experience or are just starting out.  In some cases, alternatives for specific techniques and mechanics of starting will be presented, with the hope that starters will feel free to try these different techniques to see what feels most comfortable.  But, the overall goal of the annual “Official Starter” clinic is to give everyone who attends the clinic a common background and approach to an Official Starter’s duties in the hope it will reduce much of the confusion and distraction athletes may feel when at a track meet with a new starter for the first time, which is often the case. 
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